alphabroder® and Prime Line® join to raise the bar on service and solutions

December 7, 2017 – alphabroder is pleased to announce the addition of Prime Line to its’ family of brands. The combination of these two great companies establishes a new standard in the industry for convenience, service and solutions – creating the industry’s first true ‘one-stop-shop’. “As a family business with long time employees, we gave careful consideration to this strategic move and ultimately feel that this is in the best interest of both Customers and employees,” said Jeff Lederer, now President of alphabroder’s hard goods division, which will operate under the Prime Line name. Jeff will report directly to Norm Hullinger, CEO of alphabroder.

“The industry is changing and it was important for me to make sure Prime Line is positioned in the best possible way moving into the future. We have chosen a partner in alphabroder that matches our values and commitment to the future. I am so excited to work with Norm and Dan Pantano (President of alphabroder) helping to lead the team to the next level.”

Jeff and the long time members of the Prime Line management team will be joining the alphabroder management team while continuing to operate Prime Line with the same dedication to Customers and family values that created one of the industry’s leading companies, which was one of the key drivers for alphabroder in this deal. As plans were being formed for the integration of these two great companies, Norm and Jeff agreed to place one priority above all else: Continue to deliver the highest level of service to all of our Customers.

Said Hullinger, “The combination of these two great companies and cultures was born out of the input from our Customers. We will honor this by continuing our sharp focus on their businesses. Bringing our organizations together will provide us with the flexibility and agility to focus 100% on our Customers – to deliver best-in-class solutions to help their businesses succeed. This merger provides our Customers with unmatched product choice, reach, delivery and availability. The quality and longevity of the Prime Line team and their corporate culture firmly grounded in family values, brings a high level of predictability to the business which is essential to delivering the ultimate customer experience and these were the key drivers of this deal.”

alphabroder is committed to the ongoing growth of the company and the industry. Prime Line is the fourth significant company to join the alphabroder family in the last five years, having added Bodek and Rhodes in 2015, Ash City Worldwide in 2014 and Imprints Wholesale in 2012.